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I.MAP:  (FAQ) Frequently Ask Questions

 Quest: how am I sure it's real ?
Once we have been insulted directly receiving calls by an unknown person.
We are not here for joke or to deceive any one.

To confirm Reality why not try to Apply using a "Test Record" and Delete while it is irrelevant.
if you do not delete the system will mark you as unsecured client and false Application.

Websites that do not respond to question or comment is not REAL!
You can Post your comment or Ask questions and you may get feedback.
visit and click CONTACT.

 Quest: Have any one made money from it ?
According to our CHART Record some of our Members have Maximize there income from $ 4.99 USD to $ 13.99 USD, year 2017.
This depends on whom in particular: 'an informant' that referred you to this site.

Any question ?...

I.MAP: Benefits
It is to create Awareness and get real cash from INVESTORS.
It is to help Advertise 'INVESTORS Finance' and get paid.

I.MAP Help you to get Small Scale Business in addition to your savings .
I.MAP Is a starting Point, an Alternative, an Additional income remedy that helps to get raw cash.
I.MAP Is To ASSIST your interest together with your wages or salary.
I.MAP Is a true FORM of Future Hope.
Go for I.MAP with your tendency Determine your Success.

 This may give you clue to what end your purpose may be in getting into record.
 1. You may be fund of the INTERNET to keep you company this time not only that but also to generates income.
 2. You maybe using some Mega bytes or data bundle to browse the INTERNET and now you will have it in mind that you shall recover it later in due time.
 3. This may even ask you some questions of an idea to your views on I.MAP;
 Most people are surfing the web making money while you may be on the INTERNET downloading data that generates income for others.
 So it is better to subscribe and expects your own good profit in return.
 4. Visited site link can get you up to 1,000 additional profit to your earnings.

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